10 Resources Every Veteran Should Check Out

tan Summer combat boots and black mid-top construction boots

Here’s a not so quick list of 10 resources for all Veterans. 1. RallyPoint RallyPoint is a great online forum site where you can learn from members of all ranks, specialties, and branches, whether you are a current Service Member, a Veteran, or simply someone planning to join the U.S. Armed Forces. The topics discussed…

Sleeping on the floor

Headphones shaped Word Cloud graphic with Open Source Software names

After reading about sleeping on the floor from RocketNews24 and MD-Health, I think this could be an awesome transition well worth the time needed to get used to it. It’s not hard to compare: +1 Comfort +1 Savings +1 Living Space Versus +1 Common -4 Savings -2 Living Space More space and money saved and…

Linux Ubuntu Server versus Windows Server

Image with with effects reading "Linux greater than Windows"

This post goes further in-depth with my thoughts in the Syracuse University InfoSpace blog about evolving with open source software. The IST 346 presentation is my favorite because it was my first chance to debunk myths and boast the benefits of open source software and Linux. This is the original presentation file. As you can…

BPA in Plastic and Your Body

Thermos water bottle

It was ten years ago when I learned hot plastic bottles sweat BPA into the water, which raises cortisol levels and, therefore, estrogen levels. Months ago I learned there was a law that protects companies from honestly telling you whether there’s really BPA in that BPA-free water bottle. it’s called Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)….