November 2017 SITREP – Performance

November 2017 was an unexpected growth spurt in many areas of my life. I’ve applied some skills learned from work including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) configuration for higher security and speed. This GTmetrix score still sucks, though. I’ve created a new landing page – JtSpratley.com – which may or…

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5 Exercises I Wish I’d Prioritized Sooner

I’ve been serious about exercise for over 15 years. Although I think I’m good with strength training and fitness basics, there are many exercises I wish I’d used regularly in workout plans years sooner for better physical health today. Here are 5: 1. Core Exercises This is a bit of a cheat but core and…

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Podcast – Weekly – 20170906

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Podcast – Weekly – 08292017

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Releasing Music in 2017

Before the two rough mixdowns in mid-2015 (Atmospheric1 and House26) I hadn’t released any music since my mother’s Ride ‘Em album. But the recording engineer, not I, mixed those beats. I’d hoped those tracks showed my versatility and potential, though I didn’t choose them all. Instrumental 613 is still my favorite on that album. I…

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5 Websites For IT Training

Here are 5 websites with great free IT training. 1. I checkĀ edX.org first when looking for structured online courses – yes, even before Coursera. Though many courses are paid, there are great freebies including Berklee’s Music Production and Vocal Recording Technology and The Linux Foundation’s Introduction to Linux. You can also embed badges for completed…

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5 Interesting Companies I Found while Job Hunting

Here are 5 really interesting companies I came across while networking and roaming career fairs. 1. Someone at RallyPoint pointed me to Sentrillion. They have field technicians that travel the country to install and maintain security cameras and related network equipment. It’s hard to argue with free travel. 2. Before Darkhorse Tech I had never…

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5 Pet Peeves for Army Leaders

Here’s a short list of popular pet peeves for Army Leaders and how they became common. 1. I’m a Sergeant, a NCO, not a pay grade Why it’s a pet peeve: I didn’t get promoted to E-5. Refer to me as you address me according to AR 600-20 – as Sergeant. How it started: 1….

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Linux MX-16

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