Releasing Music in 2017

Studio monitor, microphone, and headphones

Before the two rough mixdowns in mid-2015 (Atmospheric1 and House26) I hadn’t released any music since my mother’s Ride ‘Em album. But the recording engineer, not I, mixed those beats. I’d hoped those tracks showed my versatility and potential, though I didn’t choose them all. Instrumental 613 is still my favorite on that album. I…

Fitness – My Outlet

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Music is my therapy. It’s how I deal with life emotionally. resistance training is my outlet. It’s my favorite way to escape life mentally for 1 hour, grounds me daily, and boosts my mood. Throughout teen years, Weight training for strength was the one thing I knew would improve my quality of life forever. It…

What Does it Mean to You?

2 Velcro U.S.A. flags - one full color and one infra red

Disclaimer: No reputable sources below, just my views on the topic. After reading about why milk is racist I felt the need to get a few thoughts out of my mind about what something means to me – the American Flag. So I’m sharing my thoughts with WWW – because 2017. The “milk isn’t that…

5 Tasks to Start 2017 Fresh

Go Live Lively Headphones Logo with year 2017

Though you should be living life to its fullest everyday, a new year gives you an objective new start of some sort. Whether you have new years resolutions or not, here are five things that will help you start any new year off fresh. 1. Rearrange your work space Similar to going to a different location…

ATTN: Blacks

Moon at night

BLUF: There are offensive racial slurs and opinions regarding Black Americans ahead in plain text. Let’s look in the mirror for a minute – some self-reflection. Read and criticize this. Judge me and my content. But read on, and read the whole thing. Don’t be simple and skim through it. Targeted to Blacks but can…

10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself More Often

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Hopefully, this short post sparks a path to personal development – 10 Questions, ~500 words, and a challenge of self-reflection. 1. Do I hold the same stance on my religious preference? Many inherit this from their parents or society. But have you ever wondered if there’s another religious preference – agnostic, atheist, and astrologer included – that fits…

Black Unity

When I took a course on the relationship between music and politics last year, I got the opportunity to write a two thousand word essay on my choice of topic related to the course.  I decided to write about the transition and differences between what Hip Hop/Rap was in the beginning and what it is today….