5 Pet Peeves for Army Leaders

Gold pin on Army Sergeant rank with a speech bubble with an exclamation mark

Here’s a short list of popular pet peeves for Army Leaders and how they became common. 1. I’m a Sergeant, a NCO, not a pay grade Why it’s a pet peeve: I didn’t get promoted to E-5. Refer to me as you address me according to AR 600-20 – as Sergeant. How it started: 1….

ATTN: Specialist

Army E-4 Specialist rank on ACU pattern

If only I could go back in time and whisper a few notes in ears of my younger self  . . . Congratulations on your promotion to Specialist E-4. Don’t put that new rank on your uniform until your unit has a promotion ceremony! If they suck or dislike you, disregard last transmission. Your Specialist…

10 Resources Every Veteran Should Check Out

tan Summer combat boots and black mid-top construction boots

Here’s a not so quick list of 10 resources for all Veterans. 1. RallyPoint RallyPoint is a great online forum site where you can learn from members of all ranks, specialties, and branches, whether you are a current Service Member, a Veteran, or simply someone planning to join the U.S. Armed Forces. The topics discussed…

What Does it Mean to You?

2 Velcro U.S.A. flags - one full color and one infra red

Disclaimer: No reputable sources below, just my views on the topic. After reading about why milk is racist I felt the need to get a few thoughts out of my mind about what something means to me – the American Flag. So I’m sharing my thoughts with WWW – because 2017. The “milk isn’t that…

ATTN: Private

Army PFC Rank on ACU Velcro patch

If only I could go back in time and whisper a few notes in ears of my younger self  . . . Ask Drill Sergeants about their military occupational specialty. Ask what they know about your MOS. Why? Knowledge. There’s a lot more you need to know now about the military than Initial Entry Training…

Five Extremes with the Post 9/11 GI Bill

There are some extreme highs and lows that come along with using the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I’ve written about transitioning from the military to college and finding a school before, but this is specific to the GI Bill and finances. 1. A stable pay check – ✓ All I know about FASFA is how to complete the application, accept…

In The Army Now (1994)

I asked Rallypoint about the movie before watching it. The opinions on the movie seemed very balanced between yes and no. I’m giving it a nope. While Pauly Shore did have a few really funny moments, I didn’t consider the movie consistent with humor. Many times, the things he does are simply annoying. Anyways. . ….

The Grey Lines of RallyPoint

Rallypoint Logo

Read this featured at Rallypoint.com Many people don’t like to read the FAQs.  Many people prefer to know the cons before the pros.  I’ve covered why Rallypoint is a beneficial resource.  However, there are some grey lines I think you should be aware of from my point of view – 25. Go Live Lively is…