5 Websites For IT Training

First "Go Live Lively" logo with logos for IT educational websites saying "You don't need money to improve IT skills".

Here are 5 websites with great free IT training. 1. I check edX.org first when looking for structured online courses – yes, even before Coursera. Though many courses are paid, there are great freebies including Berklee’s Music Production and Vocal Recording Technology and The Linux Foundation’s Introduction to Linux. You can also embed badges for completed…

5 Pet Peeves for Army Leaders

Gold pin on Army Sergeant rank with a speech bubble with an exclamation mark

Here’s a short list of popular pet peeves for Army Leaders and how they became common. 1. I’m a Sergeant, a NCO, not a pay grade Why it’s a pet peeve: I didn’t get promoted to E-5. Refer to me as you address me according to AR 600-20 – as Sergeant. How it started: 1….

ATTN: Specialist

Army E-4 Specialist rank on ACU pattern

If only I could go back in time and whisper a few notes in ears of my younger self  . . . Congratulations on your promotion to Specialist E-4. Don’t put that new rank on your uniform until your unit has a promotion ceremony! If they suck or dislike you, disregard last transmission. Your Specialist…

11 Ways to Break Fitness Plateaus

Weider weight & Lock-Jaw collar

Sometimes, you get in a rut with your Gym Flow progress where your progression with a fitness goal has stalled. Here are 11 ideas to consider for your next workout plan. 1. Set & Rep Schemes If you’ve been using the same set & rep schemes for months, you could use some periodization. If you’ve been…

Step Off (2011) Movie

Step Off movie poster

Like Hustle & Flow (2005), Step Off (2011) follows a struggling black male musician with a supporting cast on a road of overcoming obstacles to create and share music filled with his passion and story. Unlike DJay in Hustle & Flow, Rippa in Step Off is a college student and music producer with his eyes…