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I’m Jacqueem Jt Spratley. Open Source Software, fitness, and original music have been my passions for years. I’m all about going against the grain, challenging what’s simply accepted as fact, and learning more everyday. I travel, ask questions, and share information – things I think more people of my generation should do more of.

Go Live Lively is meant to provide a hub of awesome resources about two major areas of our daily lives, technology and health, to minimize a lot of guesswork that occurs when trying to “Google DuckDuckGo” the best information. It’s my OJT for web security, server administration, and social media management. I share my thoughts on open source software, workout plans, Veterans resources, independent music, and easing the transition from Winblows to Linux. Sometimes, I get personal. Sometimes, I share my own music.

I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone looked to share what they know for the sake of knowing their knowledge could benefit someone else. If you have ideas for discussions and posts, please reach out to me. Help me help you.

Everyone has heard that “knowledge is power.” But few acknowledge that sharing knowledge is powerful.

It’s your life to live. Go Live Lively!

Creative Commons Music
If you use any of my Creative Commons Music from YouTube or Soundcloud, please link to my Youtube channel with the name “Jt Spratley”.


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Connect with me: E-Mail: JtSpratley (at) Go Live Lively (dot) com

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If you have any issues, check out my IRC page or you can also join a channel via KiwiIRC.com.

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