10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself More Often

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Hopefully, this short post sparks a path to personal development – 10 Questions, ~500 words, and a challenge of self-reflection. 1. Do I hold the same stance on my religious preference? Many inherit this from their parents or society. But have you ever wondered if there’s another religious preference – agnostic, atheist, and astrologer included – that fits…

Sleeping on the floor

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After reading about sleeping on the floor from RocketNews24 and MD-Health, I think this could be an awesome transition well worth the time needed to get used to it. It’s not hard to compare: +1 Comfort +1 Savings +1 Living Space Versus +1 Common -4 Savings -2 Living Space More space and money saved and…

BPA in Plastic and Your Body

Thermos water bottle

It was ten years ago when I learned hot plastic bottles sweat BPA into the water, which raises cortisol levels and, therefore, estrogen levels. Months ago I learned there was a law that protects companies from honestly telling you whether there’s really BPA in that BPA-free water bottle. it’s called Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)….

What Does it Mean to You?

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Disclaimer: No reputable sources below, just my views on the topic. After reading about why milk is racist I felt the need to get a few thoughts out of my mind about what something means to me – the American Flag. So I’m sharing my thoughts with WWW – because 2017. The “milk isn’t that…

ATTN: Private

Army PFC Rank on ACU Velcro patch

If only I could go back in time and whisper a few notes in ears of my younger self  . . . Ask Drill Sergeants about their military occupational specialty. Ask what they know about your MOS. Why? Knowledge. There’s a lot more you need to know now about the military than Initial Entry Training…

5 Resources Musicians Should Know

Some resources are amazing for the simple fact that they function as a fact checker for your research and others’ advice. Here are 5 I wish I’d known about years ago. Open Source Software Instead of paying $300 for Fruity Loops (FL Studio) or Pro Tools, I could’ve been using LMMS and QTractor cost-free instead – both bundled with more audio production…