Black Unity

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When I took a course on the relationship between music and politics last year, I got the opportunity to write a two thousand word essay on my choice of topic related to the course.  I decided to write about the transition and differences between what Hip Hop/Rap was in the beginning and what it is today….

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In The Army Now (1994)

In The Army Now Movie

I asked Rallypoint about the movie before watching it. The opinions on the movie seemed very balanced between yes and no. I’m giving it a nope. While Pauly Shore did have a few really funny moments, I didn’t consider the movie consistent with humor. Many times, the things he does are simply annoying. Anyways. . ….

How to Prepare for Leg Day


DAY BEFORE LEG DAY: Realize how much life may suck after leg day. Adjust leg day activities originally set for immediately after leg workout and day(s) after leg day as needed. Clean out Mangina.   LEG DAY: Poop in the morning.  You may still poot mid-rep on the first working set of squats or leg…

Grotesque (2009)

Grotesque Movie Cover

Grotesque, a Japanese movie made in 2009, is a simplified version of the SAW movie. If you don’t know anything about the Japanese, here are a few things you should look up be aware of: Female Robots that look like real people for sex reasons Tentacle Porn and whatever the fuck this link displays WTF…

ATTN: Gym Rat

Wipe down the bench, or your area on the fitness mat, after you’re done, especially if you’ve been sweating or putting your shoes on it (step-ups or box jumps). Dropping or throwing weights at the end of your set makes you a douche.  Seriously, you’re sooooooo wiped out from those garbage form curls you can’t…

The Grey Lines of RallyPoint

Rallypoint Logo

Many people don’t like to read the FAQs.  Many people prefer to know the cons before the pros.  I’ve covered why Rallypoint is a beneficial resource.  However, there are some grey lines I think you should be aware of from my point of view – 25. Go Live Lively is NOT affiliated with Rallypoint or…